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Rossfeldt: Rolls-Royce and Bentley / From the Dawn of the 20th Century into the new Millennium

Bentley Arnage RL
(2001 - 2011)

Bentley Arnage RL

The company brochure listed this particular model as the „Arnage RL by Bentley Mulliner“ and that name was program. There was no chance to order a “standard version”, because no standard production existed. Each order listed the individual specifications selected by a customer, then in dialogue with technicians, designers and craftsmen the vehicle was assembled. Without doubt the Arnage RL by Bentley Mulliner was the peak of the range of Bentley’s four-door models. The sheer presence of the car heralded that Bentley was adequately positioned even in hindsight to the launch of a new Rolls-Royce after the separation of the marques – this was a yardstick to measure the Rolls-Royce Phantom, introduced in 2003.

A range of long wheelbase limousines offered the choice of extending the body by 250mm, or decide upon extending the body by 450mm or even 728mm. The longer extensions included heightening the roof by 100mm. Thus were combined the passenger compartment’s increased dimensions and well balanced outward appearance. The relation of length/height of the body found acceptance because the proportions were right. Brakes and suspension systems were carefully re-calibrated to cope with the extra weight. The electronic stability control was tuned accordingly by re-flashing, too. As regards equipment there was but one standard: perfect quality. All else was reflecting the individual arrangements, a client had opted for. It wasn’t unusual to provide items that were not found in Bentley Mulliner’s portfolio of options. An American customer for example asked for a special stainless steel filler cap complete with enamelled ‘Winged B’ – and got what he wanted.

Mulliner’s offer that the bespoke treatment could include special protection, reflected the situation several of their clients had to consider seriously. Energy absorbent material and armour plating was built into the body during the initial production stages. Any design was engineered to the very high B6 or VR6 world standard (ballistic protection when fired on by NATO 7.62 rifle or Kalashnikov AK47; blast protection from DM51 hand grenades, even if two are detonating simultaneously above the roof, and the same grenades detonating 150 mm below the floor). Full B6 protection added some £250,000 - £300,000 to a car’s price.

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Technical Data:
light alloy 8-cylinder-engine with 90 degree V-configuration, bore x stroke 104.16 x 99.06 mm (4.1 x 3.9 in), capacity 6,750 cc; Bosch Motronic ME7.1.1 digital engine control, two T3-Garrett turbochargers, intercooler, 400hp/298KW at 4,100rpm, max torque 835NM at 3,250 rpm (from model year 2007 450bhp, max. torque 875Nm); GM 4L80-E 4-speed automatic gearbox (from model year 2007 ZF 6-speed automatic); independent suspension front and rear, Bosch ESP5.7 electronic stability program; ventilated disc brakes (front 348mm, rear 345mm), anti locking device; wheelbase 3.336 mm (optional: 3.566 mm or 3.844 mm), track front 1,602mm, rear 1,602mm; tyre size 255/50YR18 102Y, light alloy wheels or - as an option - chromed light alloy wheels (from model year 2007 tyre pressure monitoring)) ; max. speed 155mph (250km/h), 0-60mph 6.2 sec. (0-100km/h 6.3 sec.)

No. made:

383   Bentley Arnage RL (extended wheelbase)
29  Bentley Arnage Limousine (2002-2007)