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M.Bennet: Bentley Continental, Corniche & Azur


Bentley Continental SC / Continental SC Mulliner
(1998 - 2000)

Bentley Continental SC, 1998, #XCH65069,
Bentley Continental SC, 1998, #XCH65069,

Unveiled at the Paris Salon in September 1998 the Bentley Continental SC was the first new Bentley following the takeover of that company by Volkswagen (Wolfsburg, Germany). The new creation was based on a much applauded design - the Bentley Continental T, the most powerful Bentley ever. With a maximum torque of 835 Nm at 2,150 rpm the Bentley Continental SC did not show exactly the Continental T's most impressive figure of 875 Nm but there was a clear distance to its brethren's Bentley Continental R and Bentley Azure 750 Nm. The eye-catching new feature was the styling of the new model in the form of Sedanca Coupé. This design had enjoyed a fine reputation during the 30ties and well into the 50ties as offering the pleasure of open touring with the added advantage of more torsional rigidity of the body than drop head coupés could achieve with their fold down top.

Bentley Continental SC, 1998Two glass-shelfs formed the front part of the Bentley Continental SC's hood and these could be removed and stowed in the boot. A third fixed perspex roof was fitted to the rear part of the hood. As so much had been borrowed from a glorious past it came as no surprise that the new model was by a certain margin more expensive than any other Bentley motor car - there had been the case with its famous ancestors too like for example the Gurney Nutting Sedanca Coupé on Bentley Mark VI chassis, the most expensive coachwork on Bentley during the early post-war period...

Bentley Continental SC Interior

To invest a considerably higher amount wasn't too difficult because in due time the choice was added to select the Bentley Continental SC Mulliner, introduced at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. The name of the famous coachbuilder was no coincidence because the company's coachbuilding division was keen to convert almost each of these huge coupés into a unique motor car incorporating any extra a discerning customer had specified. The powerful 6.75 litre V8-engine providing 420 bhp and 875 Nm torque (hitherto only to be found on the Bentley Continental T) became standard.

The Bentley Continental SC remained in production for but a rather short period as in March 2000 the model was withdrawn from manufacture. Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars explained this had been decided to allow increased production of convertible Bentley Azure and Rolls-Royce Corniche models...

Technical Data:
8 cylinder 90 degree V-configuration; aluminium-silicon alloy cylinder block with cast iron wet cylinder liners; bore x stroke 104.14 x 99.06 mm (4.1 x 3.9 in), capacity 6,750 cc; aluminium alloy cylinder heads, Zytek EMS3 digital engine control, exhaust driven Garrett AirResearch turbocharger with intercooler, 406hp/300KW ; 4-speed automatic gearbox; independent suspension front and rear with adaptive ride control; ventilated disc brakes, anti locking device; wheelbase 2,959 mm (120.5 in); tyre size 285/45R18; max. speed 152 mph (245 km/h)

Bentley Continental SC
Bentley Continental SC, 1998, #XCH65069

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Bentley 4 Litre, 1939, #B79MX, H. J. Mulliner Sedanca Coupé

No. made:
79 Bentley Continental SC inc. Bentley SC Mulliner


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