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Rolls-Royce and Bentley Books
Complete Classics Series (CC)

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Bentley R-TypeThe Bentley R-Type
by Bernard L. King New!

The R-Type followed the successful Mk VI and was considered an interim model pending an all-new design that was to become the Bentley S-Type. Nonetheless Bernard L. King did act very well by deciding to compile an individual volume on this model. The R-Type was important in having been the first Rolls-Royce produced motor car with an automatic gearbox offered as an option and a car with very few bugs or vices.

This book contains most comprehensive information on all and each and every vital detail of cars from this model series – that is the essence of what can be said in this review.

The authors:
Bernard L. King established a reputation second to none for most careful research with his previous books from the "Complete Classics" series. That series on Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars was inspired by his similar work on aeroplanes going back forty years.

Hardbound 210 x 160 mm, 276 pages, 125 mono-photos, 8 colour photos,
published 2006;
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The Bentley S1 and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud IThe Bentley S1 and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I
by Davide Bassoli & Bernard L. King New!

A wealth of details compiled with utmost care and checked and re-checked again and again – in-depth information is the hallmark of the books from the series „Complete Classics“. The new book covering Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I and Bentley S1 is no exception from the rule. Chassis number by chassis number each car ever made is listed with off-test date, engine-number, coachbuilder, body type and design-number as well as first owner; if such info was available country, year and owner's name of surviving cars are also listed. Even details as regards where a car did appear in print or in a movie (sic!) are shown.

The most detailed description of these models’ development plus full details as regards handbooks and catalogues can be found. And the comprehensive registers inform about tools supplied with the cars, modification tables, etc.

The authors:
Davide Bassoli was born in Parma (Italy) in 1973. He lives with his family – and a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I – in Italy. Davide has been a driving force behind the Italian Section of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club, but as a leading expert on Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I and Bentley S1 his reputation is a worldwide one.

Bernard L. King as editor of the series “Complete Classics” hardly needs to be introduced. All the books that have previously been published in this series do rank as “Standard Reference Books”.

Hardbound 210 x 160 mm, 416 pages, 132 mono-photos, 3 colour photos,
published 2005;
Price EUR 50,- plus postage and packing  Click here to order

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Bentley Mk VIBentley Mark VI
by Bernard L. King New!

In handy A5 (6” x 8.5”) size this new book shows the same basic dimensions as the other books from the “Complete Classics” but it is a much bigger volume with 436 pages. All Bentley Mark VI cars that were produced between 1946 and 1952 are covered – and that means detail information on all 5,208 cars from that particular model series. The photos were carefully selected and some show cars with coachwork that hitherto had not been seen in any book about the marque. Add to this that there are given full details of modifications carried out during the production run and full details on the cars from major shows identified with complete specification & finish information. Whether an owner or purely an enthusiast for this first model that the manufacturer delivered as a complete car – you cannot afford to be without this volume in the “Complete Classics” series of books.

The author and the photo editor:
Bernard L. King is not only author of this book but had compiled several other books from the series “Complete Classics”, too. He is gifted with an ability to present in a very attractive and readable form all the data he has collected with meticulous care. It is worth a note that listed as photo editor for this book is Prof. James Bradford Powers who is one of the world’s leading experts as regards cars built by Rolls-Royce during the early post-war period; he has several books to his credit himself.

Hardcover 210 x 160 mm, 436 pages, 164 mono-photos, 11 colour photos,
published 2008;
Price EUR 60,- plus postage and packing  Click here to order

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