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Car of the Month - February 2009
Bentley Continental T Mulliner 440, 2000, #YCX67201

Bentley Continental T Mulliner

A purchase price of 466,875.12 EURO for this motor car on delivery was equivalent of what was then French currency: 3,062,500.00 Franc (at 2000 currency exchange rate ca. 411,000.00 US$). For that amount the purchaser did get a one-off motor car with a multitude of extras that made a list several pages. The term '440' meant Bentley's engineers had achieved the turbo-charged 6.75 litre V8-engine to provide 440 bhp. Such power was impressive and that could be said of 880Nm torque at 2,200 rpm, too.

Bentley  V8-Engine

Looking back at the first model from Bentley that was powered by the V8-engine, i.e. the 1959 launched Bentley S2, a certain difference might be noted. But then the early variant had but 6.25 litre capacity; the price tag was lower, too.

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Bentley S2 V8-Engine

More than 5 years of painstaking development had been invested by the company to develop the new power-plant. It is pure speculation whether or not any of those who have been involved with this task ever did consider that 50 years later this engine – enhanced by continuous development and a myriad of improvements– would be used for latest generations of Bentley motor cars

It needs to be mentioned that 440 bhp and 880Nm are no longer the peak. Today’s flagship is the Bentley Brooklands Coupé and there are figures given of 530 bhp and 1,050 Nm at 3,250 rpm. There have been engineers who did create more than 50 years ago an engine-layout with a tremendous potential. Technicians from following generations have been successful to achieve ever new heights. They all added their fair share. So this excellent piece of engineering remained 'state of the art' - now that the 50th Anniversary is celebrated they all deserve congratulations.

Bentley Continental T Mulliner

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