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Car of the Month - January  2002
Rolls-Royce Phantom VI
Mulliner Park Ward Limousine, 1978, #PGH101

Her Majesty The Queen will be celebrating Golden Jubilee in 2002 and kindly accepted the gift during her Jubilee by a Bentley-led consortium of British Motor Industry manufacturers and suppliers of a new working car - a Bentley State Limousine. Similarly H.M. The Queen had been provided with a new State Car about a quarter of a century ago. During Silver Jubilee from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) came the generous suggestion to arrange for a one-off Rolls-Royce Phantom VI to be made as No. 1 State Car.

That car's coachwork showed a very high roofline with a Perspex dome for the rear compartment which protected the occupants from the elements though made it light and with good visibility. Aluminium outside covers - used when more privacy was required - were neatly stowed in the boot. 

Rolls-Royce with meticulous attention to detail had arranged for special issues of “Owner's Handbook” and “Chauffeur's Handbook” (print-run was limited to two sets each, one set handed over with the car, one set stored as reserve at the factory) and only these contain drawing no. S729 “Fig.22 Dome Cover Stowed”. The handbook informed about the controls in the centre arm rest, too. It housed the air conditioning controls and the radio, and under a folding lid with in-built mirror a small compartment for the stowage of oddments including a dictation machine with spare cassettes and spare batteries.

Noticeable among the unique features on H.M. The Queen's motor car are the special George and Dragon mascot for the radiator cap, a blue police light plus boss for an illuminated Heraldic Shield and a separate trap door for the Royal Standard are positioned in the roof's centre panel above the windscreen. The personal mascot of St. George slaying the dragon is only used with H.M The Queen on board the car; otherwise it is substituted by a Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. These special items are interchangeable with the other Royal Rolls-Royce motor cars. The paint scheme for the new Phantom VI was black over Royal Claret, as previously.

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#PGH101 was the first Phantom VI in which a Silver Shadow II engine was installed and the GM 400 automatic gearbox instead of the old GM Hydramatic automatic transmission. The car retained drum brakes but these were activated via the Silver Shadow type high pressure hydraulic system. Alas, industrial action hit Crewe and Hythe Road, where Mulliner Park Ward assembled the car. Hence there was no chance to hand over the new Phantom VI during Her Majesty's Jubilee year 1977; it was delivered to the Royal Mews in 1978.
A sliding step build into the front seat facilitates mounting and dismounting of the Royal shield and standard.


H.M. The Queen Elizabeth and H.M. The Queen Sonja on board #PGH101 during a State Visit 
of T.M. The King and The Queen of Norway. 

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