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Car of the Month - January 2020
Bentley R Continental, 1955, #BC50D
H.J. Mulliner Special Fastback Coupé to a design by McLeod

Bentley Continental R

Over a considerable period the Bentley R Continental, #BC50D, did remain a sort of 'Mystery Car'. A unique body had been erected by H.J. Mulliner in very close conjunction with Capt. R.G. McLeod on chassis #BC50D. This was a 1955 Bentley R Continental with 4.9 Litre engine. See also: Cars of Capt. McLeod.

Bentley Continental R

A personality from the "top brass" of the Bentley Drivers' Club had been the late Stanley Sedgwick who inter alia did compile a booklet that most presumably has been the first publication ever listing each and every Bentley R Continental. Decades ago we exchanged correspondence on research-details - and I do remember that Stanley was extremely keen to get a photo of #BC50D. However he could merely find H.J. Mulliner's coachbuilder’s drawing and that was shown on page 63 bottom in his 1978 publication with a caption reading: "No known photograph exists, so reproduced here is the next best thing - Mulliner's drawing." Fellow-author the late Johnnie Green by a struck of good luck had found one photo of a three quarter rear view and included that in his book Bentley, "Fifty Years of the Marque" on page 265, centre. At least photos by H.G. Cramp provided two more views - a three quarter front and a three quarter rear view. Regrettably all such were mono-photos in low resolution and thus didn't permit close view of details. The trail ended in a 'dead end road' because #BC50D is listed as "destroyed by fire around 1960".

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Bentley Continental R

Come 30th December 2019 when a message has been received here from a grandson of a certain Georges Elliott – the gentleman who owned #BC50D at the turn from the 1950s into the 1960s. The car then was registered 8950HX. With his message Elliott's grandson kindly did submit three COLOUR photos of #BC50D. A fair guess is that few people outside the then owner’s family ever have seen any colour pictures of this unique motor car? – It was in Elliott's garage that as per his grandson's note this Bentley R Continental was destroyed "in a fire which burnt all the outbuilding and barn on the farm in about 1961; several animals also died in the blaze." Six decades later Mr. Elliott's grandson's kind permission "Please feel free to use the photos if you want to" hopefully makes for a fine start into 2020 by sharing with like-minded enthusiasts hitherto never published pictures showing #BC50D in dark blue matt-finish livery? 

Bentley Continental R

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