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Car of the Month - July 2006
Rolls-Royce 20 H.P., 1925, #GLK76,
Open Drive Landaulette

Rolls-Royce 20 H.P.

When checking the “The Complete List of the Twenty Chassis” in John Fasal's fabulous book “The Rolls-Royce Twenty” there is the information that this car, #GLK76, was supplied in 1925 and had engine no. G1235. The coachwork was a limousine by Barker and Sir Thomas Pink is listed as original owner. In that same book, on page 442 actually, are shown two photos of another 1925 Rolls-Royce 20 H.P.; one is showing that car “used for many years as a truck”, the second one shows the car restored and re-bodied in the form of an Open Drive Landaulette. Though no exact details are known it is a fair guess that #GLK76 might have had a similar fate. The original body was considered to be damaged (or even rotten?) to such an extent that it wasn't worth to be restored and the car got a second lease of life with an Open Drive Landaulette being fitted.

Rolls-Royce 20 H.P.

This 1925 20 H.P. car was said to have been acquired from an insurance company in Berlin. It is now belonging to an owner from the Guetersloh area, Germany (GT is the registration for that area, red figures/digits – starting with a 7 - on white in Germany is a collector's number plate ). A second rolling chassis (which had been all that could be saved from a dilapidated car) from about 1927 was at some later stage imported from Switzerland merely for its parts. After a swap-over of the cylinder head from the second car the engine of #GLK76 did run again - although it was found that a complete overhaul with new pistons, bearings, etc. was necessary. From the second chassis the front axle with front brakes was 'transplanted' onto this chassis, too. The car is said to be most reliable when regularly used on long distance rallies.

Rolls-Royce 20 H.P.

The original body by Barker doesn't exist any longer. No information as regards the coachbuilder of this Open Drive Landaulette; this unusual type of coachwork would have been called a “Sedancalette de Ville” in Barker’s parlance. Even the exact date as to when the new coachwork was made (or was transferred onto this chassis from another car perhaps) is subject to further research.

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