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Car of the Month - June 2021
Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, 2021,
Convertible by RRMC Coachbuild


Rolls-Royce Boat

Insiders are familiar with the fact certain 'Maritime Aspects' in conjunction with Rolls-Royce could be traced back to the early years of Rolls-Royce more than century ago. One example is the major shareholder in the 'White Star Line' whose 'Titanic' couldn't claim to have finished her maiden voyage to the US – for transport on land the gentleman wisely had opted on a more reliable and safe sort of transport in the form of a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (that car still exists today). Another example dates back even further in the past:

Santa Maria
Charles Stewart Rolls showed up at Mentone (France) with his Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Roi de Belges Tourer by Barker, to collect his parents Lord and Lady Llangattock and Capt. Spiller who had arrived there on board Lord Llangattock’s SY Santa Maria, Royal Yacht Squadron (built 1883, 340 tons, 154 ft long; the family's yacht until 1912).

Charles Stewart Rolls' father Lord Llangattock has been a keen yachtsman. The family's yacht SY Santa Maria, Royal Yacht Squadron, took the family to destinations in the Mediterranean (e.g. along the Dalmatian coast to Venice) and the Black Sea (Sebastopol and Constantinople) - and to the Baltic Sea, too (St. Petersburg, from where the family tooks a trip to Moscow to visit the Kremlin). The particular interest of Charles S. Rolls was devoted to the engine room. The engineer's comment: "When quite a boy, Master Charles was a good mechanic, and before he was eighteen he kept a 'watch' in the engine room all by himself."

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Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in May 2021 launched their new 'Boat Tail' model that featured many details obviously influenced by 'Maritime Aspects' – any well-informed connoisseur detected a faint echo from a bygone era. The manufacturer informed to have concentrated on the realisation of a basic 'Yacht on Wheels' idea. The concept had been to create what was in a class of its own beside 'industrial luxury production'; meticulously well-tailored individual and elegant solutions to fulfil the personal desires of most discerning clients. The result was a one-off on a par with the finest motor cars from the great era of individual coachbuilding. 

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

Perhaps it might not be entirely correct to state a 'unique' – in the true sense of the word - motor car has been made; as per present standard of knowledge three such convertibles have been ordered. However each of these will sport modifications and adaptations as per personal taste of the respective customer. During the 1920s at a plant were produced in the USA by Rolls-Royce of America, Inc, Silver Ghost and Phantom I. A peculiarity of the company based in Springfield, Massachusetts, had been to meet US-customers demands by offering complete cars that could be driven off from the showroom (instead of insisting on supply of running chassis only and leave to independent coachbuilders the process of erecting a body). Those cars at that time were labelled RRCCW = Rolls-Royce Custom Coachwork. Evnetually there is a vague chance that in years to come analogue to the American abbreviation RRCCW = Rolls-Royce Custom Coachwork certain cars from the new generation might be identified as made by RRMCC = Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Coachbuild?

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail