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Car of the Month - March 2009
Bentley 3 Liter Supersports , 1925, #1046 and #1114

Bentley Supersports

The Bentley "Supersports" were delivered from Spring 1925 to Spring 1927.The model was developed from the Bentley 3 Litre "Speed" variant and build on a 9’ weelbase chassis frame. Such short wheelbase lent itself comfortably only to 2-seater coachwork. A special radiator with 'tapered' sides was fitted "ex factory", this was no later modification. But only 5 cars were fitted such, the rest showed the familiar front.

Bentley SupersportsWhen during later years lists were compiled of the various versions of Bentley 3 Litre the original abbreviation "SS" as used e.g. on company drawings was no longer found (not least because after World War II the abbreviation "SS" inevitably was linked to the awful mNazi-organization); instead the cars from that series were listed as "100". That designation had its origin in the fact, that the manufacturer guaranteed these would be capable of 100mph maximum speed.

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Bentley Supersports

Regardless of strict control over the weight of coachwork that was fitted to the chassis it should be taken into consideration that on a 3.53 back axle 100mph could only be achieved by exceeding the engine's limit of 3,500rpm. Bentley's own company charts permitted the calculation that 100mph in top gear on 21" wheels with 5.25 tyres would have meant 3.900rpm. If the statement by Bentley was read most carefully it became obvious that the chassis was guaranteed to do 100mph – with no body fitted…

The "Supersports" designation war revitalised in 2009 with the introduction of the "Bentley Continental Supersports".

Bentley Supersports

(2 Photos: Courtesy of Bentley Motors with kind permission of Nathalie Chaunaval-Grist)

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