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Car of the Month - May 2018
Rolls-Royce Phantom II, 1934, #222AMS
'Newmarket' by Brewster


Rolls-Royce Phantom II

Anyone who happens to have the book "Rolls-Royce in America" among his collection does indeed own a valuable item. Because my friend, the late John Webb deCampi had compiled a Standard Reference Book. It is a fact though that from further research result additions and sometimes corrections. This is true as regards the book mentioned above, too. As per information from page 249 it might be concluded that #222AMS had been the second to last lefthand-drive Rolls-Royce Phantom II because the list ends with #223AMS. However produced has been also #224AMS that was delivered to Mr. Singer (heir of the sewing machine fortune) at his residence in Monaco.

Slow sales caused by the depression were the obvious reason why the first registration of #222AMS was in January 1934, i.e. no customer had been found before the year 1933 turned into 1934. The client decided on coachwork by Brewster for his chassis. He did not opt for one of the variants as per catalogue but insisted on a "Special Newmarket (King Type)" and thus got a body which in such form has been made but once.

Rolls-Royce Phantom II

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Rolls-Royce of America, Inc., did not alter their habit of using lamps which had been standard from 1929 onward for Springfield Phantom I, produced at their factory in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, for lefthand-drive Phantom II that were delivered from the factory at Derby in the United Kingdom. 'Headlamps' and 'sidelamps' came from C.M. Hall and the tail-lamp was the 'Trilin' unit that combined three-lenses in one housing. Exactly such a combination of lamps provides illumination as regards #222AMS.

Rolls-Royce Trilin lamp

Close inspection will reveal four lenses of the tail-lamp. There is also a cut-out in the bottom (covered by clear glass) to illuminate the registration. It was with mild surprise registered that for a modern re-production copy of a 'Trilin' tail-lamp an amount of considerably more than 1,000 US$ is charged nowadays. Among the many of spare parts collected over the years here my tail-lamp is an original one (the shaft shows the R-R emblem and part-number). It had not been acquired with the consideration of perhaps one day buying a Springfield Rolls-Royce but with a different idea: To be fixed as a lamp to a book-shelf in my library. However that idea has been given up regarding the price that is now charged by the trade in the USA for such an item.

Rolls-Royce Phantom II